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Welcome to Sunty's blog.

Welcome to my blog, where I will share the problems I encountered during my PhD and the solutions. As well as some tutorials on photography. I hope you can find my blog helpful.

Hello my name is Tianyuan Sun and I am a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering at Durham University.

My research area involves cardiovascular mechanics, with a particular interest in analog circuits and IABP. My academic research involves a variety of clinical pathologies: hypertension, heart failure, and heart valve disease. These are the parts that interest me.

I am also a professional photographer, an associate photographer with sigma China, and have worked with a number of cell phone companies such as Huawei and Vivo, so please visit my portfolio page.

In this blog I will share updates on my studies and hobbies, sometimes I may go crazy, but don't worry about me, haha😄.

I hope you guys find my blog helpful, it's updated weekly, to get first hand updates subscribe to my blog at the bottom of the page.

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